Understanding the Deals at California CarMax

CarMax is regarded as the largest used-car retailer in the United States. CarMax established itself in 1993 and has grown to a powerhouse and the best place to go when looking for used cars.

There are many locations in California including stores in Fresno, three in Los Angeles, Modesto, Roseville, and San Diego. Any of these great locations will offer high quality used vehicles. Each vehicle that hits the CarMax lot goes through approximately twelve hours of work before it is deemed ready to sell. CarMax also puts each vehicle through a 125 point inspection process on top of the state required inspections that the vehicle already has to go through.

CarMax offers a standard five-day money back guarantee as well as a 30-day warranty on each vehicle it sells.

While CarMax goes to great lengths to provide high quality used vehicles, there are drawbacks that come along with buying a used car or truck as opposed to buying new.

Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages associated with buying used.

Shorter Warranties

Used car warranties, as we see with the ones CarMax offers, usually only last a short time. Thirty days is not a very long protection plan when buying a vehicle for yourself. New cars usually come equipped with a minimum of 3 year warranty and there are even instances of 5 year, 10 year, and lifetime warranties. In addition, there is always an option to buy an extended warranty for a new vehicle.

Quicker Depreciation in Value

As a used vehicle trades hands its value depreciates more than it normally would throughout the term of ownership. When you buy a new car, this vehicle depreciates at a normal rate. This comes into play when you are ready to buy a new vehicle and want to trade this one in. A vehicle that you buy new and own for a couple years will bring in more trade-in value than a car that you buy used.

Financial Needs are Uncertain

Regardless of how great the used vehicle may look on the outside, there is no telling what could be hiding under the hood or in various other places. You have no idea what type of wear and tear and conditions this vehicle was put through before it was brought to the used car lot. Even though these cars go through inspections, the used car dealers can do just enough work on them to make sure they pass. This provides for an uncertain future and the vehicle may not be reliable.

Buying a new vehicle is a more sound financial investment in the long run. Request a free, no obligation price quote today on any new vehicle to start learning about the great deals and incentives that are available when you buy new.

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