Buying New Cars Vs. Buying from Texas CarMax

Buying a new car or a used car is a debate that has long existed in the car market. There are plenty of people on both sides of the fence so sometimes it can be hard to get one single answer on which is better.

Texas CarMax locations do their best to bring you certified vehicles that have to undergo their 125 point inspection test before they are deemed ready for sale. Locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Irving, San Antonio and plenty more across the state do their best to bring you quality used vehicles.

Buying a used car is more attractive price wise than buying a brand new car because the price tag is lower. A used car has already been owned and gone through significant depreciation in value and this presents the opportunity to get fairly young cars for less money. New cars present larger price tags and more of a financial responsibility when it comes to buying them.

In the long run, buying a used car frees up money for you in a shorter amount of time because most often than not you will be able to pay off a used car quicker than a new car.

Even though it seems like buying a used car would be a better idea, financial stability and reliability have to come into question when considering it.

When you buy a used car you are receiving a vehicle that has been driven by someone you most likely don’t know. There is almost no way for you to know how they treated this vehicle while they owned it. Used car dealerships such as CarMax do a good job of repairing damages and getting cars qualified to pass inspections, however, they cannot guarantee the longevity of these vehicles.

By buying used you are running a risk of inheriting a vehicle that was not properly maintained, and thus will present financial burdens. Most used car warranties only last 30 days, as opposed to new car warranties that last several years.

This means that after 30 days all repair costs, maintenance fees, and any other unforeseen costs come directly out of your pocket. While you save money during the initial buying process, in the long run you run the risk of sinking thousands of dollars more into a used vehicle than you would a new car or truck.

If you decide to buy new, request a free, no obligation price quote to get yourself started. A price quote offers you direct pricing from local dealerships that are competing for your business.

Taking advantage of this resource can help you fully prepare yourself for your visit to the dealership.

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