Proven Way to Get Trim, Secrets to Honda Leasing Trim Level Values & What That Means for Your Wallet!

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Here's How to Loose the Unwanted Waste and Reveal the Goods on a New Honda Lease.

Get Honda Lease Deals and Stop Paying for Things You Don't Need!

When you go to the pet store to buy your kid a dog do you come home with an elephant?! Of course not! So why are so many people going to a dealership and coming home with a car equipped with gadgets you don’t need. I’ll tell you why. More than 50% of car consumers, leasing or buying, have no clue about vehicle trim values and the savings that means.

2 Secrets of Leasing a Honda That You Need to Know Before Signing Your New Honda Leasing Contract.

Secret #1 - How Manufacturers Categorize You, the New Car Buyer

Manufacturers use different trim levels and mechanical specifications on the same car model to target as many consumer groups as possible. For example, Honda makes a two-door standard transmission car, the Honda Civic, Coupe for younger students who range in the age of 16-25 years old. Making a few adjustments, upgrades, add two more doors and an automatic transmission, and the Honda Coupe becomes a Civic sedan which satisfies the needs of a small to mid-size family.

After that car companies will take the same car add many luxurious extras like a sunroof and a stylish interior and you’ve got the Civic Si Sedan. Don’t get caught up in the marketing schemes. Understand your Honda lease prices and don’t pay extra for things you don’t need.

Secret #2 - How to Pick the Best New Honda Vehicle to Lease!

All car’s values will depreciate over time. When leasing a new car you want to choose wisely because the depreciation value will determine your monthly payments.

If the car is predicted to depreciate a lot over the time of your lease then your payments will be higher but if you choose a car that has proven itself over the years to have little depreciation then your payments will be far less. Take the time to look up the residual value of the new car make and model you are looking to lease. Honda has help up it’s reputation since 1959 so finding a great Honda lease offer should be no problem!

The Easy Way to Find a Great New Honda Leasing Deal!

By getting a FREE new car price quote on a Honda you can take matters into your own hands and be prepared to sign a new car leasing contract. Don’t walk into a contract negotiation without knowing what the trim value of a car is. Get your FREE new Honda lease price quote today and begin taking control of your money!

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